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What type of preparation is necessary prior to my house call appointment?

It is important that your pet is accessible - cats should be in a quiet small room with easy access. Unfortunately, we may have to reschedule if your cat is hiding under a bed, etc. and cannot be found. Dogs should be indoors if possible and there should be access to a leash. Please inform Dr. Savage of any behavior issues or treat restrictions prior to the visit. Try to schedule a few days in advance, if possible. However, it is understood that the correct time for euthanasia is often very difficult to preplan. If applicable, please have your pet's medical records faxed to Dr. Savage ahead of time. Alternatively, some issues can be discussed the day of the appointment.

Are house calls more expensive than going to a vet clinic?

The only "additional" fees for a house call appointment are the travel fee which applies any time the doctor comes to your home and any after-hours fees. The travel fee is based on distance and time required from Sebastopol. The travel fee can be split between neighbors or friends if there are multiple pets seen at the same location/house. After-hours fees are charged for services provided in the evenings and on weekends. Dr. Savage is sensitive to financial issues. Her charges reflect a lower overhead cost and may actually be less than some other clinics. She is happy to provide a detailed estimate prior to services and often emails full cost estimates - especially for euthanasia/cremation - ahead of time so that there are no surprises. Ask if this is something you prefer. Payment is due at the time of service and credit, cash, and checks are accepted.

How do I contact Dr. Savage?

COL's phone number is 707-648-6262. Messages are appreciated as Dr. Savage may be in an appointment and will call back as soon as possible, usually within the same business day. After hours messages will be returned the next business day. Email is checked Monday through Friday and occasionally on weekends - colhomevet@yahoo.com. Emergencies should be referred to the closest emergency clinic - The VCA Animal Care Center in Rohnert Park (707) 584-4343 or PetCare East in Santa Rosa (707) 579-3900 or PetCare West (707) 579-5900.