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Saying goodbye: The end of a beloved pet's life is a difficult and precious time.

Knowing when and how to say goodbye is one of the hardest things for a loving pet owner. Dr. Savage is experienced in helping her clients assess their pet's quality of life and, when appropriate, allowing the pet a peaceful end in the comfort of their own home. The decision for euthanasia is a sensitive one for many people. The choice should be first and foremost in the patient's best interest, then the guardian's, and lastly, Dr. Savage must feel comfortable with the decision. She is happy to help you provide transitional and hospice care to those pets that are still enjoying life.​

Information regarding the euthanasia process: Dr. Savage's primary goal during a euthanasia is to make sure her patient is not in pain or frightened. The process is usually simple, fast, and can occur any place, indoors or outdoors, wherever your pet is comfortable and there is adequate lighting. In general, kitty euthanasia should be performed in an enclosed space. The first step is a small injection of an anesthetic drug under the skin to calm the patient. This injection usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes to cause deep sedation/anesthesia. You will have this time to hold your pet and wish him/her farewell. When both of you are ready, a final injection of an anesthetic will be given. Your pet will be deeply sedated by this time, so it will not feel fear or pain during the injection. You can take as much time before, during, and after the procedure as you need. Part of the beauty of home euthanasia is that it need not be rushed.

Regarding after care:

Dr. Savage can transport your pet for cremation if desired. Options include private cremation with your pet's ashes returned about 2-3 weeks later. 

Please call Dr. Savage to discuss your pet's medical history and to make an appointment. You can discuss the euthanasia process and she will answer any questions you may have. We will also go over everything again the day of the procedure.